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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is an enterprise-class line of service provided by Microsoft as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is designed to be easy for users to use, configure and tailor its many features to their specific needs. The basic premise behind Office 365 is to provide users with an online email, calendar and contact center, plus integration with other Microsoft Office applications. Users can also access information stored in the data bank, plus they can store any custom information in the form of documents or emails. This email system also allows users to have access to shared folders between colleagues in the company and to easily transfer data from one computer to another.

Office 365 subscriptions offer two main benefits to organizations.

The first benefit is that users get the chance to enjoy improved collaboration with colleagues across the globe. This means that you will be able to share documents and projects with your colleagues even when they are not physically in the same room as you. Office 365 subscriptions also include the Microsoft cloud server storage, file storage and the OneDrive service.

One question that might cross your mind after you have decided to purchase a Microsoft Office 365 subscription is whether you will be able to edit Office files in the cloud or if you will have to buy the special Office application for OneDrive. Actually, there are three major differences between the two. First of all, you do not have to download the software to your computer just to be able to edit it. Instead, once you purchase a subscription for Microsoft Office 365, you will receive an integrated toolbox with all the necessary tools to edit any document in the world. This means that yes, you will still need the Office program on your computer to successfully edit the documents.

Office 365 suites also have different subscription plans based on usage.

There is the standard plan, which offers five hundred US dollars per year. Then there is the platinum plan, which has twenty times the value of the standard plan. Then there is the silver plan, which has one hundred dollars per week. And finally, the global plan, which offers two hundred dollars per week for unlimited users.

It may sound unbelievable that Office 365 business plans have such a wide variety when it comes to the number of apps available. But that is how the company keeps the costs down. The company spends a lot of money on creating and developing the apps. But if there were no monthly subscription fees, then the company would have to invest a huge amount of money into buying and developing those apps. That would not be very practical, so instead they charge a low subscription fee for everyone to use the apps.

There are many cloud-based productivity apps available for Office 365 business plans. These include such gems as Google Docs, Google Calendar, OneNote, PowerPoint, Slideshare, WordPress and several others. If you think about it, there is no reason to need six people to edit a presentation in Microsoft Word. All you have to do is export the file to a free editor like ePublishing and then make the necessary changes via your Microsoft Word document. Six people couldn’t make a presentation on the iPad, for example.

Office 365 does support apps for Apple’s iWork, Numbers, Keynote, Outlook, PowerPoint and other popular Microsoft Office programs. And that is just the beginning. Yes, there are some apps that are written specifically for the iPad and others that work just as well on an iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. The list goes on.

  • So, it appears that there will be quite a few new features added in Office 2021.
  • This will be an upgrade, but it is not a huge surprise.
  • The company already has plans to expand its Windows Server deployment.
  • It is possible that there will be new updates to the suite of office apps at the same time, or in late fall/early winter. Stay tuned!